Fred Astaire - Puttin On the Ritz

"Puttin' On the Ritz" is a song written by Irving Berlin.
He wrote it in May 1927 and first published it in December 2, 1929 It was registered as an unpublished song August 24, 1927 and again on July 27, 1928
It was introduced by Harry Richman and chorus in the musical film Puttin' On the Ritz (1930).
According to The Complete Lyrics of Irving Berlin, this was the first song in film to be sung by an interracial ensemble. The title derives from the slang expression "putting on the Ritz," meaning to dress very fashionably. The expression was inspired by the opulent Ritz Hotel.

Hit phonograph records of the tune in its original period of popularity of 1929–1930 were recorded by Harry Richman and by Fred Astaire, with whom the song is particularly associated. Every other record label had their own version of this popular song (Columbia, Brunswick, Victor, and all of the dime store labels). Richman's Brunswick version of the song became the number-one selling record in America.

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